Surgery in Bolivia mission hospital

Hospitals of Hope® is a 501(c)(3) Christian medical missions organization.  We aim to improve the healthcare of the under-served, both locally and internationally.  Our goal is to use medicine as a vehicle into the hearts of people, to demonstrate Christ’s love by showing the value of each person we care for.

We specialize in making an innovative, self-contained medical clinic called a Clinic In A Can® which is built in a shipping container. These container clinics are converted in the US and shipped, ready to use, anywhere in the world, providing an important resource for medical relief in the face of disaster or in areas with poor infrastructure. We also send medical, dental, and general volunteers, as well as students at various levels in their training, to serve at our hospital in Bolivia and in other countries, such as Haiti.




Volunteer Stories

Oct 19 2011

"They were a beautiful and precious people who I now miss, after the short time we spent there."             Read more about a volunteer's time serving in the Bolivian jungle.

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Dec 11 2012
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Jul 23 2014

Hola! From our (well at least my) favorite Bolivian Cafe and Restaurant, Tradicion.

Jul 19 2014

Today marks our 13th day in the beautiful town of Vinto-Cochabamba.