About Us

picture of Bolivian staff and volunteer

At Hospitals of Hope, our mission is to “show Christ’s love by healing bodies and souls.”  Learn more about our mission and vision.

While many organizations share our determination to provide accessible healthcare and many others share the goal of spreading the gospel, we believe that we are called to do both.  To us, the business of healing bodies is inseparable from the business of healing souls.

Even among Christian medical missions organizations, Hospitals of Hope fills a unique role.  While many organizations accept only fully trained medical professionals, we have seen that medical and premedical students can also offer important services.  Furthermore, the experiences they gain on mission trips often give these students a vision for medical missions which impacts their goals, values, and commitments for the rest of their lives.  

Hospitals of Hope’s capacity to serve as a medical clearinghouse also separates us from similar organizations, as we collect used medical equipment that would otherwise be discarded and send it to places where it can still be used.  Oftentimes, hospitals and clinics in the US throw away quality medical products; Hospitals of Hope offers a way for these facilities to give these items a second life, offering hope to those who would otherwise not receive care.

A third aspect that sets us apart is our focus on emergency medicine, an area sadly neglected in many developing world clinics and hospitals.  In Cochabamba, Bolivia, we have formed a partnership with the local police, offering them free trainings in trauma care, since hospitals are few and far between and well-timed first aid may mean the difference between life and death.  In Monrovia, Liberia, we formed a partnership with John F. Kennedy Medical Center, re-equipping their Emergency Department and developing a trauma center, in an effort to reduce mortality in this country with a life expectancy of only 56 years.

In all of this, we take every opportunity to share the gospel, knowing that the Great Physician has the power to work real change in the lives of the people we serve.  We want to holistically care for people's physical and spiritual needs just as Christ did. We cannot separate one from the other.