Angel Eyes

screenshotOne of Hospitals of Hope’s newest and most innovative undertakings is the Angel Eyes project at our hospital in Bolivia—a patient monitoring system that will allow Bolivian patients to benefit from the expertise of medical specialists around the world.

Using the Intesys Clinical Suite (ICS G2) software donated by Spacelabs Healthcare, physicians and other clinicians can view near real-time waveforms from any PC inside the hospital or anywhere in the world. This technology allows physicians to consult with other physicians or healthcare professionals, potentially resulting in improved patient outcomes. Consulting physicians will be able to log on and view a patient’s vitals (EKG tracing, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respirations, invasive monitoring) along with real-time video feed from the Emergency Department or hospital room of the critically ill patient.

For example, if an accident victim arrives at the hospital in Bolivia and the attending physician is unsure what to do, he can receive help within minutes. That physician will send a “911” through the internet to any of our volunteer specialists who will log on and begin immediately guiding the Bolivian physician regarding the care and stabilization of the patient.

Angel Eyes MobileWe plan to make Angel Eyes available to doctors in the U.S. via VOIP-equipped cellular phones in order to make a wider network of specialists available around the clock—a program called Angel Eyes Mobile.

In the future, we plan to make Angel Eyes available to other hospitals around the world.  Our program will offer hospitals in developing countries three options for set up.  The first option would be to use both video cameras and Spacelabs software to send video feed and patient vitals to physicians abroad.  The second option would be to use video cameras trained on the patient and on the patient monitor to convey this information, which we have done in the past at our hospital in Bolivia.  The third option would be simply to connect to our network of physicians via cellular phone, which would allow them to consult with specialists abroad, even if they do not have internet capability.

If you are interested in learning more about our Angel Eyes program, please email Michael Joseph Wawrzewski III, PA-C at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .