Xelda Ministries

Hospitals often seem a cold, sterile place, not at all inviting.  Because our goal at Hospitals of Hope is to “show Christ's love by healing bodies and souls,” we don't want this to be true for our hospital.  We want the chance to get to know our patients and to let them know that our staff – and our God – cares about what happens to them.

Café  Xelda is one way we seek to share Christ's love with our patients.  This small coffee shop, located right in our hospital waiting room, offers our patients the chance to have a cup of coffee or tea while they wait, as well as to chat with our volunteers or read one of the Bibles on the tables.  For our volunteers, the opportunity to work at Café Xelda gives them a better picture of Bolivian society, enabling them to build relationships, as well as care for physical needs.

Xelda Ministries was founded with a gift from the estate of Xelda Ditmer, the grandmother of the founder of Hospitals of Hope.  Her heart for evangelism inspired us to direct these funds toward relationship ministry.