Rotations and Preceptorships

volunteers with a patientAlthough many mission organizations shy away from having students assist them, Hospitals of Hope welcomes students at any point in their training.

International medical rotations are available at our level II hospital in Bolivia.  Typical rotations are from four to six weeks.  See our medical student Rotation Manual (PDF) for further information.  Rotations can be adjusted according to student interest and experience.

As one former student commented, in Bolivia "you learn about health care that has limitations of money, medical supplies, instruments, and medicine, so you have to be more creative. That’s an excellent thing to learn as a medical provider."

Hospitals of Hope has had formal arrangements with Yale University, Salus University, and Wichita State University, but we have hosted students from a variety of other schools, as well.  Although credit for your work must be arranged with your home university, our students have a high rate of success in obtaining credit.

For information about costs, please visit our Trip Length and Costs page.

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