Do I have to go with a group?

No.  If you serve with Hospitals of Hope in Bolivia, you can go for as long or as short a time as you would like, with or without a group.  If you are traveling to Haiti, you will probably need to either travel with the group or meet up with the group at the location.

Do I need medical malpractice insurance?

If you are a fully licensed doctor and will be working on your own, you will need medical malpractice insurance.  If you are a student who will be working under supervision, you do not need malpractice insurance.  

There are many options for malpractice insurance: Adams and Associates and International Helpers (Guernsey) Trust are two good options, but there are many others available.

Do I need to speak a foreign language?

If you are traveling to Bolivia with Hospitals of Hope, speaking Spanish is extremely helpful, since most of our staff and patients speak only Spanish.  However, if you do not speak Spanish, you can generally hire a translator for a cost of about $4 per hour.  (This cost is not included in the fee charged by Hospitals of Hope.)  Before you leave, we encourage you to learn as much Spanish as you can, since it will greatly enhance your experience and your usefulness.  If you can take a class, do so.  You might also check out our Spanish Language Resources page.  You may also wish to take Spanish lessons while you are in Bolivia.  The current rate for Spanish lessons is about $8/hour. 

Do I really need a visa?

Yes.  Visas are required to enter Bolivia.  If you do not complete the necessary paperwork, you will be denied entry.

How do I get a passport?

Passport applications can be downloaded from the US Department of State web site.  Download the form and fill in all the information. Then, take it to a passport processing center.  You can locate the closest passport center from the US Department of State web site.

What immunizations do I need?

The CDC guidelines are the primary source for required immunizations. You can find the current recommendations on the CDC website or learn more on our Travel Requirements page.

Where can I get the immunizations?

Immunizations can be given through your primary care provider or through your county health department. The provider should be able to verify what immunizations you will need and will be able to advise you regarding malaria prophylaxis.

Where will I stay?

Volunteers in Bolivia will stay at the Hospitals of Hope guesthouse, which is located on the hospital grounds.

Volunteers traveling to other locations will stay in lodging arranged by Hospitals of Hope staff.